Aesthetic medicine treatments in the spring

Aesthetic medicine treatments in the spring. After a cold and vitamin-less winter, our skin becomes exhausted, faded and dull. With the onset of spring, all women begin to actively seek to regenerate it, so they go to cosmetologists to get rid of the traces of passing time and fatigue with the help of aesthetic medicine treatments. In the fight for youth and beauty, victory is ensured by combining various techniques and their possibilities.

Aesthetic medicine treatments in the spring

The arsenal of modern aesthetic medicine includes a whole range of procedures: microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, ozone therapy, hardware cosmetology, laser and photorejuvenation, injection treatments and so on.


Facial microdermabrasion is actually a deep skin cleansing. This is what our skin needs after winter. It is a very effective and painless way to get rid of dead cells and stimulate skin renewal. The procedure is carried out using a special apparatus. The alumina microcrystals passed through the tip of this apparatus exfoliate the epidermis cells and actively polish the skin of the face, clearly smoothening it.

This aesthetic medicine treatment smoothes fine wrinkles, reduces age-related pigmentation, and most importantly, stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. After the first treatment, the skin visibly renews itself, becomes more even and smooth. Microdermabrasion is suitable for all skin types, especially with blackheads, and also for everyone who wants to refresh and rejuvenate in the spring.

Various methods of cleansing the skin to remove traces of fatigue after winter

Cleansing has a complex effect: smoothing out the skin tone, removing toxins from it. Due to the gentle effect, this method has practically no contraindications, and dermatologists actively recommend the procedure as part of complex rejuvenating treatments. For example, in combination with ultraphonophoresis, the introduction of active substances into the skin with the help of ultrasound.

Chemical glycol peeling: refreshes and rejuvenates the skin. Peels are needed to carefully remove the top layers from the skin. For this, fruit or glycolic acids are used. The treatment is comfortable and well-tolerated, thanks to which the skin becomes fresher and small wrinkles disappear. On the other hand, massage with a vacuum apparatus will remove swelling and restore skin elasticity, it is suitable for both the face and body. A great way to get rid of sagging skin, restore a clear oval of the face.


Mesotherapy is recommended in spring for almost all women, regardless of age and skin condition. This is a very popular procedure in aesthetic medicine, the essence of which is the introduction of substances necessary for the skin into the dermis, for example, vitamin cocktails. Mesotherapy does not directly rejuvenate the skin, but it can significantly improve skin tone and color.

Ozone therapy

In this aesthetic medicine procedure, an oxygen-ozone mixture is injected under the skin using very fine needles. The procedure is painless, well tolerated and has practically no side effects. Ozone therapy has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating effect, improves the supply of oxygen to the tissues, helps to eliminate toxins from the cell, and restores the protective and barrier functions of the skin. As a result, the skin becomes elastic, taut, fine wrinkles and scars are smoothed out, and the face gains a healthy color.

Aesthetic medicine in natural rejuvenation and facial contour modeling

If it has long been planned to eliminate minor imperfections on the face, spring is the right time to transform. Moreover, with the development of aesthetic medicine, it becomes quite simple and safe. For example, one of the most advanced and safest new generation fillers is the hydroxyl-calcium substance also found in the human body, therefore it is not rejected and does not cause any dangerous consequences.

The preparation not only fills wrinkles and improves skin tension in problematic areas, but also stimulates the production of its own collagen, i.e. the main building material of the skin, which is responsible for its elasticity. With its help, you can not only achieve a soft tissue lifting, but also improve the nose, chin, hands, mouth area, temporal area and nasolabial folds, as well as eliminate scars.

Skin regeneration after winter is necessary not only for the face, but also for the entire body. When it comes to spring body treatments, cosmetologists recommend manual massage treatments or body wraps. Algae-based wraps are considered the most effective. They improve blood circulation, increase the skin tone and saturate it with useful minerals and vitamins. When it comes to massages, anti-cellulite, honey and vacuum massage are the most effective.

As you can see, beauty salons offer a wide range of aesthetic medicine treatments that improve the appearance of the skin. The best option for a given person should be decided after consulting a cosmetologist. Only an experienced specialist, who will determine the condition and problems of the skin, will be able to advise the necessary procedure.